New Variety!

This year, Kitchen Seed Company has added a new alfalfa variety to their line-up, FSG 421 Leaf Hopper Resistant Alfalfa. This alfalfa is beneficial because the plant produces a glandular hair that is not attractive to the leaf hopper. Leaf hoppers feed on alfalfa plants, when this happens, it stunts the growth and reduces the […]

Moultrie County Crops

The following is a picture of one of our customers existing alfalfa stand. According to our seed specialist, alfalfa cuttings are running 10 days to 2 weeks behind schedule due to the cold weather that Central Illinois has been experiencing.  Below is a picture of a customers oat stand.  

Local Triticale Update

Below, is a picture of a customer’s triticale stand in Shelby County. This customer planted their triticale late fall in 2019. This particular customer will be using their triticale stand to feed their cattle. The benefit of using triticale is that this customer will be able to cut this stand around the end of May. […]

Local Wheat Updates

The pictures included are Kitchen Seed Company Seed Wheat Fields in Champaign County. The growing rate is right on time, the temperatures that Central Illinois has been experiencing has not slowed down the growing of this resilient wheat stand. The following picture is Kitchen Seed Company Wheat located in Douglas County.

2018 Spring Ground Temps.

The spring of 2018 is going to be one to remember for sure. With late winter and early spring snows and heavy rains it has delayed planting across central Illinois. But, we are not behind as some might think. Sure the insurance date has come and went but that doesn’t mean that is the green […]

Liberty Link Soybeans

One question that commonly comes to us is how do our Liberty Soybeans compare to the Roundup 2’s or the Xtend soybeans. Well the answer to that question is not quite simple. Liberty Link Soybeans are meant to be used as a weed management tool. Of course you as growers need them to yield to […]