Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybeans

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans offer not only a new tolerance to weed control, but the opportunity to the most advanced genetic line up today. Kitchen Seed Company now offers a full season line up from 2.9 early season variety to a later full season 4.2 maturity range. All Kitchen Seed Xtend® soybean varieties are the right choice for your farm!

KSC 29RX67 C
2.9 RM
  • Complete disease package
  • Fits in all row widths, excels in narrow rows
  • Out performs closest Roundup Ready 2 competitor

KSC 31RX67 C
3.1 RM
  • Stands like a tree
  • Excellent disease package
  • 3 Bu. better than KSC 31R263 C

KSC 32RX67 C
3.2 RM
  • Great defensive package
  • Excellent emergence
  • 2 Bu. better than KSC 32R262C

KSC 35RX67 C
3.5 RM
  • Excellent emergence
  • Good disease package
  • 2.5 Bu. better than KSC 35R265C
  • #1 seller in 2017

KSC 35RX69 C *NEW*
3.5 RM
  • Performs best in Northern Prairie soils; I-70 North
  • Excellent disease package
  • Slightly taller than KSC 35RX67C

KSC 38RX68 C
3.8 RM
  • Excluder soybean, stacked with SDS tolerance
  • Performs with KSC 35RX67C in trials
  • #1 CHOICE VARIETY Xtend soybean

KSC 39RX67 C
3.9 RM
  • Excellent emergence
  • Handles stress
  • KSC 39R263C parentage

KSC 42RX68 C
4.2 RM
  • STS and SDS tolerance
  • Moves from Rt. 36 South in IL into the Delta
  • Top of the trials in its maturity range