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Lawn Grasses

KSC Lawn Grasses

Kitchen Seed Company only carries the premium varieties of Bluegrass, Ryegrass and Fescue.  Our turf seed products produce dense, dark green, wear tolerant lawns with excellent disease tolerance.  We offer our products as stand-alone products or incorporated into a premium mix.  The following are mixes of cool season turf grasses best suited for a variety of areas:  KSC Lawn Mix, Shaded Green Lawn Mix, Grow-All Lawn Mix, Greenpathway Lawn Mix, and the most popular of our mixes; KSC 5-Way Fescue Blend.

Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties

Kentucky bluegrass is a cool-season grass that grows best during the fall, winter, and spring months when temperatures are cool. Its growth slows during the warm summer months. Kentucky bluegrass prefers full sun, but will tolerate some shade. This species is used widely throughout the U.S. where it is well adapted, but it has a poor summer performance in California in areas with warm to hot temperatures. When stressed by temperatures, lack of water, or poor soils, Kentucky bluegrass can be susceptible to disease and weed invasion. For a more disease resistant turf that offers good color and year-round performance, Kentucky bluegrass is often mixed with perennial ryegrass. Usually 2 or more cultivars of each species are used and it is recommended that at least 15% of the mixture is perennial ryegrass.

Perennial Ryegrass Varieties

ASP0112- Takes hot temperatures and high humidity while still maintaining a dense turf. Grows upright and mows well. Can mow shorter than other grasses.

ASP1001GL- Resistant to RUST, Gray Leaf Spot, Brown Patch, and Pythium. Has endophtye levels which improves resistance to environmental stress and specific insect pests

ASP6006- A very dense, low growing turf grass that is fine bladed and deep green in color. Greens up very early in the spring.

Turf Type Fescue

AST5112- Among the darkest green new variteties in the most recent NTEP. In addition, desire has a very fine leaf texture, and excellent disease resistance, especially to Brown Patch, Pythium, and Rusts. Desire has excellent tolerance to heat and drought. This low maintenance turf grass is well adapted to a wide range of climatic conditions

AST1001- This elite Turf Type Fescue was developed for drought tolerance and to stand up to environmental stress. Can thrive under saline irrigation.

AST9003- Has ability to grow in denser shade than other turf fescue varieties. Has an exceptional dark green color and provides the ultimate in turf quality.

Lawn Mixes

At Kitchen Seed Company, we carry only the premium varieties of Bluegrass, Ryegrass and Fescue. Our turf seed products produce dense, dark green, wear tolerant lawns with excellent disease tolerance. We offer the following mixes of cool season turf grasses best suited for our area (Central Illinois):

KSC Lawn Mix

This is an excellent choice for new lawns or reseeding existing lawns.

KSC Grow-All Mix

An excellent lawn mix that grows well in all soil types and conditions. This is a favorite among Landscapers.

KSC Greenpathway

For a durable lawn with heavy traffic, this mix is a good choice for schools, parks or any area that gets a lot of wear.

KSC Shaded Green

A superior mix for moderate to heavily shaded lawns or lawns with poor soil quality.

KSC 5-way Turf Fescue Blend

For a hardy lawn with lush green color all season long. Rust resistant and drought tolerant. Excellent for parks and athletic fields.

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