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Liberty Link Soybeans

Liberty Link Soybeans

One question that commonly comes to us is how do our Liberty Soybeans compare to the Roundup 2’s or the Xtend soybeans. Well the answer to that question is not quite simple. Liberty Link Soybeans are meant to be used as a weed management tool. Of course you as growers need them to yield to consider growing them on your operation. But the largest yield robber we have to battle more and more is resistant weeds.

Start clean and Stay clean is the best method to use. If you are just relying on post emergent herbicides then you have already lost. These days anymore you need to use a pre-emergent residual herbicide. Liberty herbicide has been around for a while and there are signs of resistance to liberty already, however if you can use it in a rotation with Xtend soybean system, you have an opportunity to help preserve chemistry and manage resistant weeds. Liberty Link soybeans can yield high and be a competitor in the industry. Liberty herbicide can be used as a management tool for your operation.

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